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Will politics help to Electric Vehicles development?

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Héctor Gerardo Chiacchiarini
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EV's do not use gasoline and do not contribute to gas taxes implemented in some countries (eg. Argentina, among others). 

If ICE vehicles are going out of the scene being replaced by EV's, the govenrment incomes will be gradually reduced, unless new regulations appear. For example, the US is already thinking about this.
“Because tax everything”
by Carter Stone, on April 5, 2019, 10:00
Over the last year, legislators became more and more concerned about EV’s drivers not paying any gas taxes. ...

Which would be the impact of this kind of initiatives?

Replied : 11/03/2020 9:13 am
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Eva Penz
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Replied : 11/03/2020 9:17 am
Fernando Augusto de Noronha Castro Pinto
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Well... in Latinamerica do politics help in ANY way?


Replied : 11/03/2020 9:19 am
Thomas Lechner
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I found a paper on the subjekt. Here is the link.
The authors describe tax incentives. But I am of the opinion that before EV's spread across the board, the infrastructure must be also in place.

Replied : 27/11/2020 6:02 am
Marius Schöning
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@lecht I am also your opinion. The Infrastructure is definitly a big part in case of EV's. For example, the Battery production has to be near by to the manufacturer in order to reduce the CO2 emissions of the production from EV's.

Replied : 05/01/2021 3:16 am
Martin Schloesser
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I think one of the biggest issues are the legal frameworks especially here in germany. There might be a point where a computer have to decide about life or death. So because of that i think the politics are a bit scared to force it.

Replied : 05/01/2021 3:23 am
Claudia Fussenecker
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German parliament agreed on a price for a CO2 tonne of 25€, leading to increasing costs for petrol and oil for heating from january 2021 onwords. The idea behind that is that the population might decide on more environmental friendly cars (electric), when purchasing a new one. This should further help to reach the climate goals, which already have been reached in 2020 (thanks to the pandemic).

How are the other countries handling the price of CO2 or do they think that pricing CO2 is not helping selling more electric cars?


Sources and further information:

Replied : 05/01/2021 4:14 am
Claudia Fussenecker
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Take a look at TESLA. They produce all the parts on their own in their Giga factories. Is this the solution for producing electric cars in an efficient and effective way?

Replied : 05/01/2021 4:16 am
henry nelson
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Replied : 29/11/2022 1:57 am